Little League baseball age chart for 2022

TeeBall (Baseball Ages 5 to 6)

TeeBall is our introduction to the great game of baseball for boys and girls. Our focus is on safety and fun, and learning the basics of running, throwing, catching and hitting. Because of the age of the players, parents are encouraged to be at the field supervising and participating with their children during all practice and game times. Parents do not need to have baseball experience, the coaches provide structured practice drills to improve players’ baseball skills. Players progress much faster, have more fun, and spend less time standing around waiting their turn when there are more parents to help.

Farm (Baseball Ages 7 to 8)

Farm is for 7 and 8 year old boys and girls to continue learning the basics of baseball. Players begin to master fundamental baseball skills including throwing, batting, running bases and positional play, while maintaining a strong emphasis on fun and teamwork. At this level coaches pitch to ensure kids learn hitting and fielding skills in a safe environment. Games generally end with the ever popular relay race around the bases.

Minors Divisions


A (Baseball Ages 9 to 11)

Single A is the training ground for players coming out of Farm, new to the game, or wanting to continue developing skills before moving up. Players pitch, but there are no walks. After four balls, players maintain their strike count and a pitching machine delivers pitches until a player hits or strikes out. Base stealing is permitted. (except for stealing home) Eight year olds must have two years of Farm experience before playing in this division. Players in this division are eligible to be called up to AA.

AA (Baseball Ages 9 to 11)

Double A is for players who have at least one year of pitching experience and were not drafted into a Major division. Rules are the same as single A except that players walk on four balls and there is no pitching machine. Stealing home is also permitted. Playoffs lead to a Division champion. Nine year olds in this division must have played one year of Single A. Players in the division are eligible to called up to AAA

Majors Divisions


AAA (Baseball Ages 10 to 12)

Triple A is for experienced players who have had at least a year of pitching with walks (no pitching machine). Full Little League baseball rules apply with the exception of batters becoming runners on uncaught third strikes and the infield fly rule. At triple A the speed of play and expectations are significantly higher than AA. Players are drafted into this division, so friend requests may not be honoured. Players in this division are eligible to be called up to Majors.

Majors (Baseball Ages 11 to 12)

Majors is the league’s top division for players 12 and under. Full Little League rules apply. Teams in this division play an interlock schedule against teams from other North Shore leagues. This division is limited to two or three teams and players are drafted in this division so friend requests may not be honoured.

Juniors (Baseball Age 13 to 14)

Juniors is for players continuing beyond 12-year old Little League. This high performance division plays an interlock schedule. In 2022, we will have two junior teams: Our Tier 1 team is professionally coached and managed by Fred Beitler, Last Raps Baseball. The Tier 1 program is intended for players that are able and want to make a greater commitment to baseball. This team will compete against teams from around the lower mainland, and may also participate in games in Victoria or Seattle.

Tier 2 Juniors is a continuation of our rec league program, and is meant to keep our 13 and 14 year olds active and playing baseball. This team will play against other teams on the North Shore, travel is minimal.