West Vancouver Little League has a strong tradition of training and supporting youth umpires.  Typically drawn from our players, but open to anyone, umpires may begin training from the age of 10 and up. From there they may begin working games once they have successfully completed an initial training session offered through the League's District. Players can umpire in any division below the one in which they play.  Umpires are provided rule books and the WVLL Umpire-in-Chief is available to answer any questions, as well as look out for our umpires' best interests and ensure they are treated with the utmost respect at all times.

Recruitment and Training

WVLL players may umpire games one level below their own level of play; youth not registered as players may umpire their own age level with assignments made based on the Umpire in Chief's assessment of their skills.  Anyone interested in becoming an Umpire for West Vancouver Little League should email, copy to

Umpire Clinics

Umpire Clinics for the 2016 season are being scheduled now, and will take place at the Sentinel Secondary Gymnasium.  WVLL covers registration fees.  Coaches at all levels are invited to attend at no charge; just let us know you are coming. Email, copy to

Umpire Fees

Youth (not volunteer adult) umpires will be paid at the end of each game by the home team coach as follows (note all umpires at Juniors and above are managed through the District, not by WVLL):

  • Minors: $20 per game
  • Majors: $25 per game
  • Juniors: Plate Umpire - $40, Base Umpire - $30
  • Seniors and Bigs: Plate Umpire - $50, Base Umpire - $40


Umpire Resources and Documents

Little League International is the primary information resource for all umpires.  Umpiring rules, regulations and policies can be found on the Little League International website here: Little League Umpire Rules

You can also find more information at the Little League Umpire Resource Centre: Umpire Resource Center

For great tips and information about how to umpire Little League games please click HERE.  Test your Umpiring knowledge here: Online Umpire Quiz.