Who Do We Need?

Who Do We Need?

Volunteering at West Vancouver Little League

WVLL is a volunteer run organization supporting over 500 youth players. Successfully running the league takes well over a hundred league-role volunteers and in recent years we have fallen well short of the required number of league-role volunteers. This has hampered the league's ability to successfully operate. As discussed at the AGM we will continue with a non-league-role volunteer fee. This year, a $100 deposit per family will be collected and returned when your league-role volunteer duty has been completed.

League-role volunteer descriptions are listed below. Keep in mind that everyone is expected to help out with field set up and take down for your player's games. That is not a league-role volunteer duty and is expected of everyone regardless of the non-league-role volunteer payment.

Once you have reviewed the descriptions below, you can sign up for a league-role volunteer duty here: https://www.volunteersignup.org/TM9YD?classic If you like, you can think about it and decide later though some positions may be full and you may have to choose another.

Volunteer roles 2017

Head Coach, Assistant Coach

Coaching in Little League is an extremely rewarding endeavour. WVLL will support our coaches by offering training opportunities throughout the season. Professional coaches will be used to host pre season training sessions in order to help you establish some drills or a practice routine for your team and there will be in season support as well. There is a maximum of 1 Head Coach, 2 Assistant Coaches and 1 Team manager per a team for volunteer refund purposes.  If you volunteer for one of these roles but is ultimately filled by others, please refer to the volunteer sheet to sign up for other volunteer roles that are available. All coaches will need to obtain a Criminal Record Check before the star of the season.

Head Coach duties will entail:

·        Develop practice plans and run effective practice sessions.

·        Organizing and managing practices at least 1 per week once the season begins, and games (1-3 per week depending on your division)

·        Selecting Assistant Coaches for your team

·        Helping at the Players Skills Assessment in January

·        Participating in the Player Draft where applicable

·        Attending the Coaches Clinic in March/April

·        Report game scores to your division coordinator

·        Take responsibility for the equipment assigned to your team for the season

·        Track umpire attendance for payment processing

·        Report rain outs, cancel your scheduled umpires if a game is rained out

·        Organize rescheduling directly with other coaches any games that are rained out.

To volunteer as a coach or manager, click on the button during registration or send an email to: president@westvanll.ca


Team Manager

·        Overall, ensures the team operates efficiently and does other related team duties that are not coaching related.

·        Assign parent duties

1.      Field preparation (lining field before game, raking after game, scoreboard)

2.      Scorekeeper (Rookies, Minors, & Majors) (parents should attend scorekeeping clinic)

3.      50/50 fundraising

4.      Snacks where applicable

·        Communicate events and schedule with the team

·        Help coach with knowing who will be missing or arriving late for games

·        Help with letting parents know location and arrival time of interlock & tournament games and help arrange rides

·        Scoreboard training

·        Distribute uniforms and record assignments.

·        Distribute info from the league

·        Collect team info from the team when requested by the league

·        Team manager is generally not assigned any other team duties

Division Coordinators

Pre-Season Responsibilities

·        Obtain list of volunteers, coaches, assistants, managers, co-ordinators

·        Work with coaches to develop team rosters by assignment in the Minor division and by draft in the Major division.

·        Using the computer system and in conjunction with coaches, assign players to teams and e-mail team lists to coaches

·        E-mail medical form information to coaches/managers (have managers check forms for missing info)

·        Host a coaches meeting at start of season (hand out uniforms, equipment & schedule)

·        Ensure all coaches have followed up with obtaining a CRC and filling out a Volunteer Application



·        Create game schedule & playoff format (collect game results for standings Minor B and above)

Season Long

·        Send reminders to coaches re: rules, dates for events, etc.

·        On-going communication between coaches, managers and league

·        Deal with rule questions as they arise throughout the season

·        Track team stats and pitch counts

·        Track umpire participation for payment processing



·        Collect uniforms (AAA and above) & equipment in conjunction with Uniform and Equipment Managers

·        Get feedback from coaches, parents, players




Program Development Coordinator

In conjunction with Coaches, Division Coordinators, Field Manager, and Treasurer plan and execute development clinics for Farm, Minors, Majors and Juniors divisions for both pre-season and season

·        Develop relationships with various baseball instruction providers


Opening Day Coordinator

·        Responsible for scheduling the Opening Day activities

·        Coordinate with Photographers and Food Trucks

·        Coordinate tent/tables/chair/sound system/entertainment vendors

·        Coordinate guest speakers/music/MC Opening Day

·        Contact Vendor's/Guest Speakers/Newspapers

·        Opening Day Program



Opening Day Assistants- 2 needed

·        Organize games/setup/take down/field decorations and prizes

·        Organize the parent volunteers and Coaches for help on the day



Pre-Season Evaluation Coordinators

1 for Farm – Minor A

1 for –Major AA - AAA

·        Book gym space and time with West Vancouver Recreation Commission

·        Organize evaluations for player placement

·        Ensure baseballs (soft), bats, pinnies and supplies are available for evaluations

·        Organize coaches to evaluate

·        Tabulate scores and prepare overall rating on each player


Trophy Coordinator

·        In conjunction with Division Coordinators, Coaches and/or Executives, organize and order individual and champion trophies, tournament skills competition trophies and medallions

·        Pick up trophies and deliver to Division and Tournament Coordinators


Uniform Coordinator

Pre-season: check status of uniforms (league and allstars)

·        In conjunction with the Division Coordinators organize and order uniforms

·        In conjunction with the Division Coordinators and Coaches, organize return and storing of uniforms

·        Pickup uniforms from supplier


Sponsorship Coordinator(s)

Discuss the sponsorship and fundraising objectives with League directors before the season

·        Contact regular sponsors each Spring to confirm continuing sponsorship and secure contribution

·        Provide sponsors with basic information about WVLL initiatives and schedules

·        Identify and develop potential new sponsorship and fundraising opportunities, as required

·        Coordinate sponsor signage and recognition on Opening Day and sponsor references on website

·        Have sponsors recognition plaques prepared and delivered at end of season

·        Communicate with District Parks staff regarding sponsor signage opportunities


Sponsorship Administrator

·        Coordinate sponsor signage and recognition on Opening Day and sponsor references on website

·        Have sponsors recognition plaques prepared and delivered at end of season

·        Communicate with District Parks staff regarding sponsor signage opportunities




Fundraising Coordinator and team

WVLL is way behind the ball in this regard. We really need a self-starting individual, or a few, to come up with some great easy to implement fundraising strategies that can be used on an ongoing annual basis.

Specific duites will include:

·        Apply for gaming raffle and or 50/50 licences

·        Create fundraising initiatives and opportunities such an online auction, raffle etc

·        Coordinate with team manages to facilitate 50/50 sales at games and volunteers for sales at opening day




Equipment Manager

Pre-season, order necessary equipment for all divisions

·        Organize distribution of equipment to coaches

·        Maintain appropriate level of equipment during season

·        At season end, organize, receive, sort and store equipment


Equipment Assistants

2 per division

·        Help distribution of equipment to coaches

·        At season end, organize, receive, sort and store equipment




·        Organize umpire clinic in pre-season through District 5

·        Organize WVLL umpire clinics pre-season and during season

·        Act as referral point for Umpire Coordinators in the interpretation of rules

·        Attend Majors and Minors games when possible to encourage and work with umpires (ie. Positioning etc)

·        Work with Umpire Coordinators in having an umpire evaluation system and providing them with names of registered umpires and which divisions they are qualified for

·        Ensure all coaches have a copy of the Official Regulations and Playing Rules and updating any changes to these rules

·        Answering questions related to rules from Umpires and coaches by quoting the rule book

·        Ensuring all coaches have a copy of the Official Regulations and Playing Rules



Umpire Coordinator: Majors/Minors

·        Get schedule of games as soon as it is released; and schedule of playoffs when it is released

·        Keep on top of makeup games

·        Communicate with umps and determine general availability and special requests (i.e. some umps only want base)

·        Communicate with coaches to let them know you are ump coordinator and that they need to keep you in the loop (cancelled games, makeup games, playoff games, etc)

·        Get feedback from coaches and make decision on how to feed back to kids

·        Facilitate pmt to the umps calculate amount owing bi-weekly and report to the treasurer for e transfer pmts

·        Implement an evaluation system of umpires in conjunction with Umpire-In-Chief.



Umpire Scheduler(s) and assistants

Review schedule of games as soon as it is released; and schedule of playoffs when it is released

·        Keep on top of makeup games

·        Communicate with umps and determine general availability and special requests (i.e. some umps only want base)

·        Using the assignr system create and administer the pool of umpires and ensure all games are covered by an umpire with the appropriate level of training.

·        Track and confirm umpire attendance for pmt purposes





Player Agent

·        Act as liaison between league and players and parents

·        Situations may include moving players between teams within and across divisions

·        Conduct player evaluations during season for possible movement

·        Review and confirm player eligibility for tournament team participation


Tournament and Post Season Coordinator

·        Identify and register WVLL teams in all appropriate pre, mid and post season tournament opportunities

·        Organize post season evaluations

·        Help set up post season teams at all levels

Coaching Coordinator(s)

Represent league managers/coaches.

·        Present a manager/coach training program and cost to the board.

·        Order and distribute training materials.

·        Coordinate clinics as necessary.


Volunteer Coordinator

·        Assist with the organization of league volunteers in various capacities.

·        Track submission of Volunteer Application forms

·        Identify areas where we need more volunteers


Volunteer Coordinator - refund administrator You have this position twice

·        Track Volunteer participation and ensure fee refunds are sent upon completion of duties.



Website Manager

·        Learn all aspects of WVLL Content Management System and be familiar with HTML

·        Update website as requested by members of the league executive

·        Convert documents submitted for posting onto website into format usable by website (pdf files)

·        Keep website current removing out of date items as necessary

·        Write and edit copy for placement on the website

·        Make recommendations to improve presentation and efficiency of the website

·        During the pre-season, organize and implement promotional messages through the schools and local newspapers as well as signage for registration


Social Media Manager

·        Promote and update Facebook and twitter feeds


Field Managers

I per field

·        Where applicable organize diamond fence set-up and take-down

·        Order and maintain sufficient supply of lime

·        Maintain in good working condition liners, rakes etc and place orders with the Equipment Manager

·        Ensure the upkeep of all diamonds, fences, bleachers, batting cage

Safety Officer

The role of the Safety Officer is to ensure the physical protection of the children involved with WVLL. The majority of this is achieved with good preventative processes in place.

Ensure all adults involved with the League have submitted a Volunteer Form and a Criminal Record Check. This needs to be reviewed each year for all League Officials, coaches, adult umpires, managers and board members. Inspect all Volunteer forms to determine if there are any convictions or offensives that may put any children at risk. If there is a concern, then a discussion needs to take place with the president and/or board to determine if any league actions or restrictions are required.

The field facilities should be regularly inspected for any potential hazards that could cause injury. Any such situations should be submitted to the District of West Vancouver so that it can be addressed.


Team Snap Administrator

Coordinate with our Team Snap representative to facilitate the initial League set up and administer any updates as needed throughout the regular and post season.


Field Scheduler Assistant

·        Help administer an on-line field assignment platform

·        Help coaches facilitate the re-booking of rainout games

·        Report rained out games to the District of West Vancouver.